Initial Consultation with Cynthia

For women who are ready and committed to take charge of their life, I offer a consultation which will be just the inspiration you need to take the next step in your life strategy plan. By either phone or Skype, we will get laser focused on what is going to be the best mentoring or training plan for you.  Apply today for your consultation session with me. [email protected]

One-on-One Mentoring

I offer one-on-one mentoring for people that want individual focus and attention on their goals. I offer different packages and conduct mentoring via phone, Skype, Google Hangout, Chat or in-person.  We will design the plan that is perfect for you. Connect with me today! [email protected]

VIP Days and Retreats

Let’s meet in beautiful wine country in California for a full day or full weekend of relaxing, recharging and laser-focused mentoring with me.  For more details inquire at  [email protected]

Group Programs and Training

My passion and gift is to inspire and teach people that they can do absolutely anything they put their mind to in life! My motivational programs boost YOU way up in life.  You CAN live the life you want, and I will give you the essential tools, how to best take action to go out and get it!  It’s all about confidence.  When you are confident on the inside, it’ll show on the outside! When you have confidence and combine that with smart decision making, you’re going to have an awesome life!
I do small group training as well as large meetings and work retreats!  Connect with me and let’s plan out the best program for you or your organization.  [email protected]

Speaking Engagements

For speaking requests, please email the details of the event to [email protected]