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  Free Consultation with Cynthia! 

My FREE consultation is going to be the kick start you need to really get moving forward with your goals and dreams! By either phone or Skype, let’s get specific about what you need. I will get you fired-up and we’ll come up with the right program for you to start. Let’s get you moving on your goals and dreams!  Schedule your personal FREE consultation session with me today!

   Take the 30-Day Challenge

Your life is about to get really awesome in 30 days or less.  Get Focused. And Get Confident to Go For It! 
What area of your life do you feel like you have lost control of? Do you want and need the confidence to change your life around? You know you need to take action, but where do you start? Do you need ongoing support?
Take the “30 DAY CHALLENGE with Cynthia”! 
I will help you get you unstuck! Get focused….Clear about what you want in life and how to get there with a clear action plan.  I will be there right by your side as you get busy and get out there and go for it. 
This awesome program includes “4″ 1 hour sessions with me via telephone or Skype, 1 Motivational email from me each week to keep you inspired in-between sessions, plus one 15 minute per week chat session for any specific questions you have in-between sessions!  
Start Changing Your Life Today!  Contact me today! And let’s get you started on a better life today!


  Personalized VIP Programs Available!

VIP Days! with Cynthia! Meet me in Las Vegas for a FULL Day or FULL Weekend of Rockstar Coaching with me.  

Stop Wasting Time! Get in Control of Your Life Now!  I 100% Guarantee You WILL get Clarity, Focus and Confidence in Your Life! 
Are you in need for a weekend retreat?  A girls day out? Get the Rockstar treatment of having all the focus on YOU! I am ready to CLEAR my schedule just for you.  Your life is about to get awesome! Contact me today and let’s schedule your retreat!

small symbol.fw  Motivational Programs for Girls and Women!

My passion and gift is to inspire and teach girls and women that they can do absolutely anything they put their mind to in life!

I empower to focus on what makes you happy in life; do what you want to do! My motivational programs for girls and women boost YOU way up in life, show you that you are amazing as you are, imperfections and all.  You CAN live the life you want, and I will give you the essential tools on how to do it, how to best take action, get busy and go out and get it!  It’s all about confidence.  When you are confident on the inside, it’ll show on the outside! When you have confidence and combine that with smart decision making, you’re going to have an awesome life!

I do small group training as well as large meetings and work retreats!  Let’s connect today!


  Speaking Engagements!

Cynthia is available to be hired for your speaking engagements across the country. For inquiries and pricing, contact her today at or at (702) 810.2621