We all have days that we need a little extra boost of energy to GET THINGS DONE during the day. There are so many different ways to get motivated; you just need to find the right one for you, that will inspire you; get you to a place that you’ll be inspired and feel like you can take on the world in a day. So let’s get inspired together with different ways to get and keep motivated today!

10 ‘Smart’ Easy Ways To Get Yourself Motivated Today!

  1. Exercise – Start your day by stretching, going for a walk or run, or doing some weight training. By starting your day in this healthy way, you’ve got a jump start in positivity and feeling good for the rest of the day.
  2. Read Something Positive – Get inspired by reading the word of others. Read an inspiring blog, magazine article or chapter of a book today.
  3. Talk to Your Mentor – Reach out to that person in your life that always pumps you up, gets you inspired, The best motivation always comes from withinmotivated and challenges you to go for it in life. That person will make your day.
  4. Pay it Forward to Someone Else – Sometimes there is no better feeling than making someone else’s day to get you inspired in your own life. Do something really nice for someone today.
  5. Write Down What You Are Grateful For – Write down all the things that you DO have in life, and take a moment to feel that appreciation for the great people in your life.
  6. Break Up Your Routine – Make Things Fun – Just changing up your routine or environment, might just be the spark you need to get back refocused and inspired to get things done during the day.
  7. Put Yourself On a Timeline – Positively challenge yourself to get things done by a certain time of the day. It helps for accountability; putting a little positive stress on you to get it done during the day.
  8. Write Down Your Goals – By putting down on paper or on a list on your computer what you want to accomplish, you are more likely to be focused and task oriented to want to get it done during the day. There’s also a great feeling of crossing things off your list once you get them done and move on with your day.
  9. Journal What You Have Accomplished – Journals are great for so many purposes, but I have found that when you look back at where you’ve been and where you are now, you appreciate all the experiences you’ve been through and how strong you really are. Sometimes looking back and appreciating what you’ve gone through will give you that extra boost of energy to move onward and forward.
  10. Reward Yourself Along the Way – What fun is it in life if it’s all work and no play? We all like to be rewarded for our work and good deeds. Be sure to be really good to yourself and reward yourself along the way in your days. You work hard, so you deserve to have enjoyment in each and every day.

We all have lots to do in life and it’s time to get things done today. YOU CAN DO IT and make things happen today!

Which ways are you going to use to get and keep yourself motivated during the day? What other ways will you use to keep yourself inspired during the day? I can’t wait to hear from YOU! Post your comments today!


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