The other day I had an amazing day. When thinking about it, nothing out of the ordinary really happened.  It was just one of those fantastic days that I felt in a groove like everything was falling really nicely into place in all areas of life. I got a lot done! I was happy, productive and felt like I had a very successful day. You know the feeling right? When you feel like you can take on the world in a day?  I absolutely love those days.  Don’t you just want to bottle those up and be able to have those kind of days all the time?

Now there is no doubt, that some days are just going to be outright challenging and things will get thrown out of sync for you. But on an ongoing basis, you can really do a number of things to set yourself up for a great day. It’s a state of mind, but also, I believe there are things that you can consciously do to be ready to take on your day and shine!

10 ‘Smart’ Things To Do Daily to Set Yourself Up for Success!

  1. Start Your Day Off With the Right Attitude  – The way you start your day definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day. Do whatever it takes to get into the right positive mindset. Get enough sleep and have a great, positive morning ritual. Start your day in a great way.
  2. Make Your Health and Fitness a Priority – There are many of you that are not morning people. I get it. But I am a morning person.  I must tell you that there is no substitute for putting your health and fitness as top priority at the beginning of the day. Do some exercise in the morning. When you make your health and fitness a priority at the start of the day, it sets you up feeling healthy and strong the rest of the day.
  3. Set Up An Action Plan For the Workday  – When you have a plan in mind, you are focused and less likely to just wander through the Where To Put Your Focus Today ( Get it together first thing in the day, so you can seize the day, getting a lot accomplished.
  4. Don’t Run From Challenges. Go After Them – Procrastinating and hesitating on challenges that you face obviously doesn’t make them go away. Our fears are typically more in our head than what will actually happen.  Get your mind on the outcome you want, then take on those challenges. You’ll be happy to get it done!
  5. If You Can Delegate It or Eliminate It From Your Plate, Do It  – Create more time in your day for the things that you need to focus on. If you can eliminate it from your schedule and/or delegate it, do it. Release it. You’ll be better for it.
  6. Be Efficient and Organized – Get yourself into a routine and use systems that work for you. When you are organized you will tend to waste less time, which means more success for you!
  7. Don’t Go Through Things Alone – Tap into the resources around you. Instead of always trying to figure out things on your own, the people around you might offer a perspective that is different than yours that actually might help you learn and grow.
  8. Give Yourself Some Time to Learn and Grow – Do something each day that will inspire you and help you learn and grow. Success is not a state, it is an ongoing journey.
  9. Always Think of What You Bring as Value to Others – As you go through each day, always keep in mind what value you bring to the world. When you keep that in the back of your mind, when you make decisions, that will keep you on the right path of authentic success.
  10. Know the Importance of Down Time – Create days which have some down time, away from work.  Success isn’t about always being ‘on’. Relaxation, recharging, having some interests outside of your workday are really good for you and will contribute to well-rounded success.

These are just some of the things I do to set myself up for success each day. Which ones do you use or need to focus more on? What other things do you do to set yourself up for huge success? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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