Being in leadership for the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people in a variety of organizations. The companies I have worked for were very diverse. From working in a prison system, to telecommunications and the casino and resort industry (all with a similar leadership role) you can’t get much more diverse than that. I worked with many different types of leaders, but what stayed very similar are the habits and characteristics of the best leaders  I have worked with. The following are some of the characteristics I have seen in the best leaders I have worked with.

10 Things Productive, Successful People Do In Life

  1. Excited To Start Each Day – I have found that positive, successful people want to get up in the morning! They are pumped-up to get moving in the morning. They can’t wait to get accomplishing what they need to get done during the day.
  2. Exercise is a Daily Ritual  – The successful people that I look up to have self-care as part of their daily routine. They exercise. They keep healthy foods around them. They understand that feeling healthy and strong on the inside helps them on the outside.
  3. Self-Disciplined – Effective, successful people don’t need external motivation to get things done during the day. They are self-motivated, disciplined, have a routine and get it done during the day. Tony Robbins The Path to Success is Determined Action
  4. Have a Mission Each Day – The most effective leaders that I know have a plan, a mission for each day. They know that things might not always go as planned but they have a certain focus and do everything they can to get it done.
  5. Take Massive Action – Leaders don’t just think about things, they get busy! They get on it and take major action on things.  Successful people know that progress means taking massive action and adjustments can be made along the way.
  6. Can-Do Attitude – There is no ‘can’t’  with an effective leader. They find a way to achieve the goals they set for themselves and their team.
  7. Do What They Fear – Successful people get out of their comfort zone. They do what they fear. They know that the potential for great success is on the other side.
  8. Productive Activities – They don’t waste their time on mindless activities. They use their time wisely.
  9. Forward Thinkers – Productive, successful people are always looking for what’s next. Successful people stay on top of things, always looking toward the future for what they can do next.
  10. Around Other Successful People – Successful people hang around other successful people. They are learners and they want to surround themselves with other successful, smart people to help them grow.

What characteristics do you believe are within the most productive, successful leaders you know? Which of the above are most important to you as a leader? Do you need to work on some of the things above? What characteristics do you have that you believe has contributed greatly to your productivity and success as a leader?  The list I compiled above are only some of the characteristics I believe are part of productive, successful leaders. Post your comments. Let’s start a discussion. I want to hear from you!

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