We all want others to feel like they can trust us and have confidence in us.  I am always teaching people to surround themselves with quality people.  I express not to focus on the number of people they have in their life, but the quality of people. I personally have a lot of people in my life that I consider to be acquaintances. However, in order for people to be in my inner, trusted circle, there are things that I need to see in them.  The reality is, sometimes gaining major trust and confidence in people will take time! But once you are in someone’s circle of trust, they will have the utmost confidence in you! So do you want to be that ‘quality’ person, the one that people want in their inner circle? Do these things and you are well on your way!

10 Ways That Others Will Gain Trust and Confidence In You

  1. Lead by example – Stand up and stand out and do what is right in life. All the time.
  2. Be there for people through the good and challenging times – Be that person that is there for people through all the times in life, not just the good times.
  3. Don’t just say you’ll do something. Show them – Be a person that walks the talk.
  4. Listen – Take the time to not only hear what people are saying, but go deeper and really listen and get the message behind what is said.
  5. Give to Others –  Look out for what others need. Give to others. Pay it forward.
  6. Communicate – Be respectful to others and be a great communicator.
  7. Inspiring / Enthusiastic – People appreciate others that are motivational and have a positive drive for life.
  8. Act consistently –  Be consistent with others. People appreciate knowing they can rely on you and are consistent with their behavior with them.
  9. Show integrity – Honesty in life goes a long way with people in life.
  10. Go the extra step in life – Instead of just being there for someone, go the extra mile for people. Go above and beyond what’s expected of you!

Which of the above are the most important characteristics you want to see with the quality people in your life?  What other characteristics are important to you? I can’t wait to hear from you!


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