As leaders, we all want to make a positive impact in this world.  When I say the word ‘leader’, I want to make it clear that everyone can be one if they want to be. This post is not just geared towards those that are running large companies or multi-million dollar businesses.  I am also talking to those of you that own a small business, are educators, are working your way up in the corporate world and everyone else that leads the way. Leaders do not have particular employment titles. Leaders are all of you that want to and are making a positive difference in this world!

Sometimes during the span of our career we can get a little relaxed and/or sometimes needing a boost of inspiration to get back on track on what we can do to make a positive impact on those around us. Here are 10 ideas for you!

10 Ways You Can Make A Positive Impact As a Leader

  1. Send a glowing email – Everyone needs and wants praise in their life. Make someone’s day by sending a glowing email about them. And copy the email to others to show how much you want others to know about the person you are praising. Think about a time when someone did this for you. It will definitely make an impact on the person you send it to.
  2. Call a meeting where you positively praise everyone – Meetings can be SO boring at times! Why not put together an agenda where all their is on the agenda is recognizing your team; individually and as a group how amazing they really are. I know that Mondays can be a hard time to do this, but try it sometime. What a fabulous way to kick-off the week. Your team will definitely be motivated!Leadership -Grow your people - Cynthia Bazin
  3. Send a personalized card or note – There is nothing better to me than receiving a personalized note from someone. I recently received one out of the blue from one of my social media contacts and it totally made my day!
  4. Let them go home on a slower day – For those of you that have employees (or team members as I say), surprise them one day but cutting them loose from work on a slower day. Even if it’s just an hour, what an awesome thing for you to do (if you are able to). Who wouldn’t appreciate that?
  5. Talk with them about their goals and dreams – Leadership is so much about effective communication. Really listening to the people that you work with. When is the last time that you spoke with your people about their goals and dreams? Take some one-on-one time with your team. And not just hear what they are saying. Really listen to what they are telling you and inspire them to go for their goals and dreams.
  6. Ask for their feedback on an important project – Have a project that you are working on? Bring in your team members and get a brainstorming session on.  Let them know you don’t know everything and you really appreciate their expertise and advice.
  7. Get them involved in positive new change with their ideas –  Do you have opportunities for your team to present new ideas and implement some of them? What an amazing impact you will have by giving opportunities to your team members to really make a leadership impact by implementing new programs!
  8. Be present and available – Are you someone that stays behind your desk most of the day? Commit to getting out there! Get on the line, be with the team and do what they do. Listen to what they want to tell you. Just your genuine, authentic presence will mean so much!
  9. Give them resources for their leadership – Provide resources for your team. Educational resources, mentoring resources, whatever you can provide. You don’t need a big budget. Just knowing that you are giving them ways to learn and grow is great!
  10. Provide a path of growth – For me, the best organizations give great opportunities for their teams to learn, grow and get promoted if possible! It’s really inspiring to see an awesome performer get a well deserved promotion. I do believe in promoting within when you can!

Of course, many of the above are things that all leaders should be doing already! Which ones are you doing as a leader? Are there particular ones that really resonate with you? What would you add? Which ones would you most like from your leadership? I am listening and would love to hear. Let’s start the conversation!

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