Let’s face it.  We all get into routines at one time or another.  We may eat the same foods for dinner on certain days of the week, we might watch the same television programs all the time, or do the same exercise routine for years!  Being comfortable and feeling safe is a good thing especially if it makes you happy.  But sometimes life can get boring if you never experience new things from time to time.  So why not mix it up a little!  This weekend is the perfect time for you to maybe try something new.  

Why not try one or more of these simple ideas and make your life a little more interesting? =)
3 Simple Ideas to Change Up Your Routine (And Make Your Life More Interesting)
  • What’s For Dinner:  Are you known for eating the same things each week for dinner?  Why not experiment and try something new.  Do you like to cook?  Break out the cookbooks and pick something that looks interesting to you and have fun making it.  Don’t enjoy cooking?  What about hitting that new restaurant in town?  Or even do takeout!  The key is to change up your routine, expand your horizons, experiment and try different foods once in a while.  
  • Get Up off the Couch:   We all know how easy it is at night or on the weekends to sit on the couch and catch up on all the television programs we enjoy.  Do you or your kids play video games for hours on end?  Are you on the computer for hours a day? How about turning the television off, shutting down the computer and get out of the house and do something that you enjoy?  Do you enjoy hiking? Why not put together a bagged lunch, throw some comfortable clothes on and just get out there.  Go get some fresh air, some good exercise; it will do your body good.  Not into hiking?  What about that museum in the city you’ve wanted to see?  Or how about a scenic drive and make some stops along the way?   Do something fun, that everyone in the family would enjoy. Make it an adventure for everyone, so you have made some memories that you can talk about from time to time.
  • Change Up Your Exercise Routine: Many of the people I surround myself with are into exercise and fitness.  Some of us have been doing the same routine for years!  Although I give people a huge amount of credit for being disciplined to do a consistent exercise routine, why not try something new?  If you run regularly, why not do some biking?  Or if you are a regular walker, how about trying a Zumba class?  There are so many fun ways to keep in shape. Not only is it good to mix it up so you use different muscles, you might just find a new form of exercise you enjoy.
These are just a few ideas that you can do to change things up a bit and make life interesting. Figure out what you may need a change in pace with and get creative! The weekend has just started.  How are you going to spend it?  ~The SmartChic 😉

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