Good morning everyone!  Happy February 14th, 2012!  I thought I would take this opportunity not to necessarily talk about Valentines Day, but the importance of loving yourself.  Whether you’re married, divorced, in a relationship or recently just getting out of one, etc, I think everyone can always learn to love themselves more!

It is so important to be good to ourselves and love ourselves for who we are.  On this holiday, let’s give ourselves a gift… the gift of Self Love.

3 Tips On How To Love Yourself  (For Who You Are Today)

  1. Forgive yourself for things you have perceived as mistakes.  Everything you do is a learning experience and remind yourself that you are much smarter and a better person today for your life experiences.
  2. Take some time alone and write down the things you love about you.  (This may be challenging for some in the beginning, but don’t think too hard, they could be the smallest things; just have fun with it).
  3. Treat Yourself!  When is the last time you bought yourself a little something or taken a little time to do something YOU want to do?  Pamper yourself, you deserve it. =)

Remember this as you take on this day today…”No one is perfect but you are perfectly you.” -Unknown

Have a wonderful February 14th!!  I am grateful and inspired by each and every one of you. The SmartChic 😉

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