We all know the power of having the right people around us. As I always say, alone you can do a lot, but together with the right inner circle, absolutely anything is possible.  So the goal is absolutely to work towards having the best people around us.  I think most of us can relate to at one time or another having people in our lives that might not be the best people to have in our circle; the emotional drainers, fakers and takers. If you have those people in your life, you must come-up with a focused plan to ideally eliminate them from your life or at least create strict boundaries with them.

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Once that is completed, how can you attract the absolute best people to you? Well it’s a process, but if you take these 3 steps, you’re well on your way to having an awesome inner circle of people around you personally and professionally.  Liz Stincelli of Stincelli Advisors says it perfectly; “Leading your life isn’t about ideas; it’s about making things happen.

3 Laser Focused Ways To Attract The Right People To You

  1.  Be Clear About What You Want – In order to get what you want out of life, I believe you have to put it out there! Let people know what you are looking for. So for being clear about what you want, this can be for both your personal and professional life. So for example, say that you are looking to be in a personal relationship with someone. Don’t be afraid to put it out there what you want and what your non-negotiables are.  If having a person around you that is positive and non-judgmental is important to you, make sure you inner-circle-is-importantlet people know that up front. If loyalty is big with you, let people know that as well.  If you are in business and you know who you ideal client is, say it out loud. put it on your website. Don’t waste time fielding calls from people that don’t fit into who you really want to work with. I guess my message in summary is; keep it simple for yourself.  Put it out there what you want.
  1. Find Out Where Your Ideal People Are – If you want to have the right people around you, find out where they are.  Again, this relates to personally and professionally. For your personal life, get really clear on your values and what sort of things you enjoy doing, then make sure you are at those places to more likely attract the right people to you. For business, are you going to the right networking events? Perhaps do you need to start your own events or start a Meetup Group? Where are your ideal clients? If you are on social media, are you developing relationships with people on the right platforms?  Take the time to figure this out. When you take action and be where the people you want to be around, more likely those great personal and professional relationships are going to happen.
  1. Dress Up And Show Up Each Day – One awesome way to help attract the right people to you is to dress up and act in ways that automatically will get the right people interested in you. So for example, if you want to be treated with respect, are you putting out to the world that you treat yourself with respect?  The qualities that you want in others; are you displaying those in your day-to-day life? If you are in business, are your dressing and acting consistently in ways that people like, trust and respect what you do? Is what you are putting out there match what you are looking for in your business? It’s all about clarity. If you are acting in ways that spell out clearly who you are and what you are about, your ideal people will see that in you.
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Are you looking to attract better people into your life personally and/or professionally? Do you currently do any of things above or do you need to? What would you add? I would love to hear from you!

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