How did you wake up feeling today? How do you feel right now in this moment in time?  Are you energized and revved? Or are you completely exhausted, burnt out, totally not focused on what you are doing, who you are and where you are going?

I am asking you these questions, because we all have massive potential to be truly awesome in all that we do.  But if you are not able to focus, how are you going to live to be the best you?

We’ve all heard it before that we must love ourselves before we can truly love anyone else.  I believe we need to treat ourselves the absolute best way we know how, before we can do anything for anyone else. If we feel good in different areas, we will be able to be a much better partner, parent, friend, employee, entrepreneur, etc.

So here are the some of the main things to focus on so you can live up to your full potential!

4 Things to Focus On -To Help You Live Up to Your Full Potential

  1. Physical Health – How do you feel physically?  Are you run down? Tired all the time? Or are you filled with energy? When is the last time that you went for a checkup? You know how you feel when you are physically feeling great!  If not already doing so, make sure you are eating correctly, do regular exercise; treat your body good! If you feel good physically, you will be in peak condition to go for your goals.
  2. Emotional Health – How do you feel emotionally?  Are you happy? When you wake up in the morning, do you love your life?  There are many things that can effect your emotional health, but related to potential, you must feel happy within yourself before you can accomplish anything authentically beyond that. When you are revved and focused mentally, you can accomplish amazing things.
  3. Finances – How is your financial situation? Are you drowning in debt, constantly worried about money or are you living within your means and happy with your financial situation?  Although most of us will always have bills to pay, if your financial situation is so bad that it’s a constant drain on your energy, it will affect your energy level on going for bigger goals. When you take control of your finances, you will feel empowered and be able to focus on your larger goals.
  4. Relationships – How are your relationships? Is there drama in your life, people that drain your energy versus fueling it?  In order to have full focus on your dreams, having people in your life that support you and love you will make your life that much better and you’ll be that much more inspired to go for it in life.

So do you need more focus on one or more of the areas above? It may not be a quick fix, but recognizing that you need to take better care of yourself is the first step!  There are many resources to assist you in the process, you just have to reach out and say to yourself, it’s my time to shine and I am going to focus on self-love so that I can be the best person I can be and reach my full potential in life.

You’ve got a tremendous opportunity to live a life full of happiness and to your full potential! Take care of yourself!  You deserve it!!

How is your focus on the above areas? Is there one area that you need to take care of today? I want to hear from you! – The SmartChic

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