I think we all have at one time or another,  went against our ‘gut instincts’ on a decision we had to make and ended up regretting what we did knowing we should have trusted our gut!  Think about a time when that occurred for you. What was that circumstance and what made you go against what your heart and mind was telling you to do?

Throughout our life, we will have to tackle some tough decisions. Some examples are the following:

  • Should I leave the job I am currently at?
  • Do I leave this relationship I am in?
  • Shall I go forward with this business deal?
  • Should I partner with this person?

Those are just a few examples of decisions we might need to make at one time or another.  Making decisions can be tough, because of the unknown; things we can’t predict. But it’s so important to be confident in ourselves, believing we can make the best decision for ourselves.

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But before making that final decision, if you want to feel more confident, consider these 4 things:

4 Things That Will Help You ‘Trust Your Gut’ in Decisions

  1. Clearly and Objectively Assess Exactly What The Options Are – Often when we are faced with a tough decision,Decisions 2 we think there are only a few options. Before making your decision, take a step back and really explore on your own or with a mentor or coach what all the options are. Ensure that you have looked at everything.
  2. List The “Pros and Cons” of Each Option – Now that you have recognized all the options, go through this simple but powerful exercise. List out the positive things and potential negative things of each option. Getting really clear and laser focused is what is going to build up that confidence on whether the right decision is being made.
  3. Figure Out Which Option Aligns Most With Your Values – For long term happiness and success, we definitely want to make sure that our decision aligns with our long term plans and with our values. If the decision aligns with these, it is a great sign that we should go for it.
  4. Decide if You Can Truly Own The Decision – After making a choice, decide if you can really embrace and own it. If it ends up being “right decision,” celebrate the path you have taken. If it ends up being the wrong one, recognize that you made the very best decision based on the information you had at the time.
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We all have big decisions we need to make in life.  It helps to be really confident and trust ourselves. The 4 things above can assist with that confidence. I would love to hear which of the 4 things most resonate with you or if you have other things to add.  I  can’t wait to hear from you!

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