Are you a perfectionist? Does everything need to be ‘just right’ at all times and if it isn’t, you go into a tailspin, kicking yourself in the rear way too long? Does this sound familiar?  Where did you get this trait from? Does it get in the way of you moving forward on other things because you’re so consumed with the project at hand?

I’ve always been a person that has believed if you’re going to do things, get them done right the first time versus doing a mediocre job. I think that in order to stand out from the crowd, you definitely need to go from being ordinary to being extraordinary.  But things can get out of hand and overboard to think that you can actually make things perfect. It just isn’t reality and when you have in your mind that you have to be perfect and things don’t go the way you want, you end up over-analyzing the situation, trying to figure out how things could have gone wrong when you thought they were so right.

I think most of us know that ‘nothing’ is perfect. So knowing that and understanding that, why do we get caught up in it at times?  We need to check ourselves from time-to-time and remind ourselves that we all are flawed; ‘noone is perfect’!

So a few thoughts of mine to get out of the perfectionist mode and instead strive for excellence!

4 Tips to Move from Being a Perfectionist to Simply Striving for Excellence!

  1. Set Boundaries on Your Actions – When doing a project, make sure you put enough time in to make your project shine, but don’t let the project interfere with the rest of your life. Set a timeline on how long you will work on something. Then give it a rest, put it down for a while.
  2. Talk to other Successful People – Get to know other people that have done well in their line of work; who have played the bigger game. Get to know their story. I guarantee that most will say that they’ve made mistakes along the way and they ended up okay. By learning that really successful people are not perfect in every way, may help you not put unrealistic expectations on yourself.
  3. Accept and Embrace Mistakes – When you make a mistake, embrace it versus making a big deal of it. It’s going to be hard at first, but remind yourself that noone is perfect, accept the mistake, find a lesson out of it all, then just improve on how you do things in the future.
  4. Have a Back-Up Plan – Having a back-up plan is always a healthy way to go about going for your goals. When you do that, if things don’t quite go your way for Plan A, you’ve got a great back-up plan to put into play.

So if you’re a perfectionist, start by cutting yourself some slack today. Noone is perfect! Don’t be so critical of yourself and have some fun on the journey! Embrace all the twists and turns in life and believe that things in the end will go your way.

Are you a perfectionist? On what types of things? Or what do you do to not be so critical of yourself when you make mistakes along the way in life?  I want to hear from you!

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