It’s time to move forward on what is probably going to be a very busy day for you. But do not fear! You will get it done and have some room to spare! So, let’s get you organized right now and ready for this day; an opportunity to really kick it into full gear and make things happen!

5 ‘Smart’ Tips To Kick Your Days Into Full Gear!

  1. Make a Plan: Get your plan down on paper or on some sort of program of what you WILL be accomplishing today. If you don’t have a written plan, you’re likely not going to be taking any action on it. Make yourself accountable. Get it down. WRITE IT DOWN! Excellence is a prevailing attitude
  2. Establish your Zone: Before taking action on your plan, be sure to establish your zone, prepare the environment around you. Is your desk a mess? Or if you’re doing projects at home, is the space you’re working in so disorganized you can’t find anything? Do you have everything you need to tackle your to-accomplish list right now? Establish your zone so you can move forward!
  3. Set Yourself Accountable: How are you going to keep yourself motivated to get it done today? Are you internally motivated that all you need is your to-do list? Or would telling someone that you are working on something help motivate you more in getting it done? Whatever will help you kick it up a notch, give yourself some form of accountability to get it done.
  4. Don’t Stress the Small Stuff: As you are tackling your to-do list, all types of distractions will come your way. Don’t let them get in your way of the stuff you have prioritized to get done today.
  5. Set the Reward: We all like to be rewarded for our efforts. Get yourself motivated and set a reward for yourself after getting each thing done on your list and then after you accomplish everything on your list.

Okay, so there’s the plan, now it’s time for YOU to get moving WAY forward my friends and get it done and make things happen today. READY. SET. LET’S DO THIS!

Post your comments below. How do you kick your days into full gear?  Send me your ways to keep motivated and driven each day!



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