Can you believe it’s already February?  January flew by didn’t it?  How are you doing on those 2012 goals and resolutions?  Are you well on your way to achieving your goals? Or are you the person that has started, but things are going a little slower than you intended?  Or… are you in a situation that you haven’t gotten past the thought process of what you’re looking to achieve? =)  

I am here to say, that today is a new day and it’s never too late to get those intentions/goals started. How are you doing in the following life areas?  Do you want or need to improve in one or many of these areas so you can live the life you want?

Relationships:  Are you surrounded by people that love you?  Do they make you feel good being around them?  Will these people be there for you not only during the good times but also through the challenging times in life?  
Finances:   Are you living financially within your means?  
Career / School:   When you wake up inthe morning, are you excited to go to your job or school?  Do you feel positively challenged and enjoy the people that you work or go to school with? For those of you that are working, do you feel as if you are in the career you are meant to be in?   
Health & Fitness:   Do you eat foods that are good for you and give you energy? Are you doing at least a moderate amount of exercise to keep yourself in shape?
Fun: How much fun are you having in yourlife?  Do you spend time with your friends?  Do you have hobbies and take time to do them?  
5 SmartChic Action Tips to StartAchieving Your Goals and Live the Life You Want and Deserve
1.    You must know yourself and be clear and truthful about your current way of living in the different areas above.  In order to move forward, we must first know what we are working with.  
2.    Write down specifically what goals you have in the different areas.
3.    Under each specific goal, write down the smaller steps that you must take in order to reach the larger goal.  A goal date is always good to include.
4.     Do something that makes you accountable for achieving your goals.  Some people make copies of their written goals and put them everywhere they would likely see it to keep them on track. Examples:  refrigerator, in their office, daily planner, or laptop bag . Other ways to hold yourself to your goals is to have an accountability partner.  Many find that it makes themmuch more serious about achieving their goals if they have someone to report to on a regular basis on their progress.
5.     We all like doing things we enjoy!! As part of your Action Plan, make sure you include a type of reward you would enjoy when you reach a goal.  Preferably the reward should be a healthy one=)
Living the life you want and deserve is all up to you.  In some cases it may be simple changes, in other cases radical changes may need to be made.  But in order to get started, you must take the first step. You can do it!! Be a SmartChic and start today!  
What goals are you looking to achieve so you can live the life you want anddeserve?  What are some of the challenges you are facing in trying to achieve what you want? What helps you stay on track?  I would love to hear from you and inspire you along the way!  ~The SmartChic 😉

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