It seems like a simple concept that we should always go “the extra mile” in everything we do in life. To stop being ordinary… and be extraordinary! But sometimes we need some reminders or ideas on how to exactly do that. We also can get into a slump at times, so if that is the case with you right now, it’s good to recognize it and do something about it, so you can get back to being extraordinary! Here are some of my ways that I go the extra mile for people in my personal and professional life.

6 Easy Ways to Go The Extra Mile for People Today

  1. Over-Deliver On What People Expect – For people in your personal and professional life, go beyond what is expected. So many people are just going through the paces of life. Live with passion. Show people you really care. Over-deliver. It will be remembered.  You only live once Mae West
  2. Send a Thank you Card – When is the last time you actually sent a personalized card to someone? Whether it is someone that works for you or someone in your personal life that means a lot to you, go that extra step and thank them with a personalized card.
  3. Awesome Follow-up – Show people you care by following-up with them. So if you meet someone at a networking event, be sure to send a note that you enjoyed talking with them. Then keep connected to those awesome people! Even friends. Be sure to check-in with them from time-to-time even if you don’t see them often. It will mean a lot to them.
  4. Send a Small Gift of Appreciation – For your rockstar clients or the people in your personal life you care about, why not send a small token of appreciation to them. It can be something super small like a Starbucks Gift Card. It’s the thought that really matters.
  5. Introduce to Other Amazing People – There is not much better than being around amazing people. Good people love to be connected to other good people, so why not make an awesome introduction today!
  6. Ask How You Can Support Them – Just by doing this, you will show people you really care. Ask someone how you can support them, without any expectation of getting anything back.  High quality people will think the world of you by doing this wonderful gesture.

What are some of the ways that you go the extra mile for people in your personal and professional life? Which ways above most resonate with you?  I look forward to hearing your comments. Let’s inspire one another! I wish you a fabulous day! Let’s do this!

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