Let’s face it. From time to time, we are going to lose our fire in life.  What I mean by this, is that during certain periods, we lose our passion and our drive for certain things or all things in life. Things go from super exciting to just plain boring and uninspiring. Trust me, I have been there.  Not for every aspect of my life but for certain areas, most definitely. The thing is this. It’s normal to get there. But in my mind, it’s unacceptable to stay there.  And why I say that is we all know what it is like to be excited, passionate and driven in our lives. Once you get it back, it’s like you can take on the world! And what a great feeling that is.

So are you feeling certain things right now?

  • That your passion for your work has reduced or is completely gone?
  • You feel as if you’re not making enough of a difference in the world?
  • That your relationship(s) is/are not fulfilling you?
  • Not feeling good physically which is affecting your confidence?
  • That you need some excitement; some sort of breakthrough?
We all lose our 'fire' at times. Commit to doing what it takes to get through it! -Cynthia Bazin Click To Tweet

If you’re not feeling any of these things right now and you’re rocking and rolling in life, that is absolutely awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing. But if you are nodding your head up and down and are experiencing one or more of the things described above, it’s time to do something about it.  Because you deserve the greatest happiness and success and that fire is within you! We just have to draw that out. Are you ready?

If you are ready, I want to you take inventory of the things I talk about below. See which one or ones resonate with you and make it an intention to do something to move forward.

6 Things That Can Get The Fire Back In Your Life!

  1. A Great Workout Routine
    If you are looking to get back the fire in your  life, the number one thing I recommend to everyone I mentor, is to get a great workout routine together. Now you don’t have to go crazy with it.  But I am sure you can resonate with this. Many times when we lose ‘our fire’ in life, our healthy habits can go downhill some. Hopefully that’s not the case with you, but if they have, let’s switch that up right now. If you want your life to be fired-up on the outside, take awesome care of yourself on the inside. Dump the junk food out of your cabinets and get moving physically. Personally I love to run and lift weights. But you do what is good for you! Try different things. But the key is to get back to feeling really your healthiest and strongest. Does this resonate?
  2. Make Sure You Have The Best People Around You
    I am just going to keep it 100% real with you. It’s time to let go of people that have no business being around you. I am talking about the negative and toxic people that are draining every ounce of positivity out of you. I am also talking about people that you feel you need to prove something to. If you have even one person that is like that in your life right now, I encourage you to work on this ASAP. Now, I totally realize that you may have a family member or co-worker that fits into this category and you can’t just remove this person from your life. Totally get that. For the people you can’t remove, I encourage you to set up some very strict boundaries. In order for you to get the passion and fire back, you must have the best energy around you. Every day, be intentional only in surrounding yourself with people that love you for you, positively challenge you and are your best cheerleaders.
  3. Focus On Less To Impact More
    There is absolutely no doubt that you can get that passion and fire back into your life. But you must make some decisions on what you are going to eliminate from your schedule or at least minimize from it. One of the biggest things that I work on with people is being less busy and much more productive. So many people are just trying to come up for air; they are so freaking busy they can’t even put their mind to focusing in on what they are passionate about. Is that you? Listen, I’ve been there. I was on all types of committees, boards, volunteer projects at one time  and to the outside world, I was at my best. But the reality was I was tinkering with what I should have been mastering. I am so passionate about keeping it simple. Clear out the stuff that is not working for you so you have the space ready for that amazing opportunity you are going to capture!
  4. Embrace Your Personality In A Big Way
    One of the things that will bring the fire back into your life is to really embrace your awesome personality, your uniqueness! So often we can lose ourselves a little bit when we are influenced by others; perhaps trying to fit into some mold or even trying to emulate someone we look up to. Commit right at this moment to really discover who you are; what your true personality is and embrace it! Of course this may take some time and ongoing work on your own or with mentoring, but I am telling you, it is worth it.
  5. Get Out There And Try Different Things
    One of the most exciting ways to get the fire back in your life is to try different things! If there is something that you’ve wanted to do but just never took action on it, try it. If there’s an opportunity for you to do some activity but it’s way out of your comfort zone, I encourage you to do it. Some of the most passionate things that I love to do now is a result of someone way back letting me know I should try something.
  6. Get Training and Mentoring
    At times we can get a little stagnant and not pursue growth in our personal and professional life.  I absolutely love the feeling right after a conference or a mastermind when I am filled with inspiration and strategy to go to the next level. The best investment you can do is invest in yourself. So as you look to ignite the fire within you, figure out where you should get training and mentoring and go for it!

So I want to hear from you! Are there areas of your life you need to get back fired-up?  I would love to hear which tips above most resonated with you. If you are already fired-up and doing what you love, I’d love to hear which points above have been of best use to you! Let’s interact and get the discussion going!

The best investment you can do is invest in you! I guarantee if you do it, a positive shift will result from it! -Cynthia Bazin Click To Tweet

Be intentional each and every day to do more of what makes you happy. Being fired up and passionate about things is where we all need to be! Be ALL IN and join me!






Cynthia Bazin is passionate about helping you reduce the noise in your life, providing the best tools and strategies, so you can live intentionally and make your greatest impact. Her expertise is in Personal Development, Branding and Business Strategy.  She mentors men and women and does Keynote Speaking and Workshops across the country.  Book Cynthia today at www.smartchic.me.