We all want to achieve awesome success and happiness.  But I totally believe that each one of us are different as to what the definition is for ourselves for happiness and success; therefore our systems for success need to be individualized! So find what works for you. Below are the things I include into my system for success. I hope this gives some great ideas for you!

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8 Areas To Include In Your System For Success!

  1. Schedule Your Exercise – I totally believe you need to have a plan in place on when you are going to exercise during the day. If you plan on it, you’re more likely to do it.  Personally I like to get my exercise done first thing in the morning. It helps me feel healthy and strong for the day and I get it done! There are no excuses why I can’t fit exercise into my day.
  2. Have Your To-Accomplish List Together – I always advise my mentoring clients to put together a to-accomplish list the night before the day occurs. If you want to have a super productive day, I want you to rock and roll on it, right from the beginning of the day; not take time to think about what you need to accomplish.
  3. Short Breaks In Your Day –  In order to keep your energy up and stay focused on accomplishing a lot, I totally believe in taking short breaks during the day. I force myself to do them every couple hours. I set an alarm on my phone which when it goes off, it reminds me to take a well needed 5-10 minute refresh break. I get up, walk around… Sometimes get some fresh air.
  4. Time Blocking Social Media and Email –  Time blocking when I do social media has been a really effective system for me. I used to just do it throughout the day, which was a distraction because I wouldn’t fully focus in on important tasks I needed to get done.
  5. Incorporating Fun Into Your Work Day – I totally believe that you should do everything you can to incorporate fun into the work day. We work long hours at times and so we need to break up the day and make it as enjoyable as possible. What I do is I play music during the day. It keeps my energy up and helps me stay productive. Find that thing that will make your work day more enjoyable.
  6. Connecting With Quality People – I had found that for many years, I would just get into the grind of work and totally forget to stay connected with some of my amazing people that I have known for many years. Now I have a system in which I commit to a certain number of people I will reach out to in a week’s time. When you write down that intention, it’s an effective system to follow through on it.
  7. Scheduling White Space Time – One of the best things I have done for myself, is schedule in time for myself ‘white space time’.  I do something for myself during these times.  I believe that many of you work really too hard and have zero time for yourself. When you schedule in an appointment for yourself, it’s a good system to positively push yourself to put your own self care on the top of the list.
  8. Establishing A Shut Down Time – As an entrepreneur, you could literally work 24 hours a day. Very quickly into running my own company, someone had given me some smart advice; to establish a shut-down time for the day.  It’s hard to do sometimes, but I am so much better off for it.  Life is not just about working and by having a system of a shut down time, really will help you have much better balance.

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I would love to hear which of the 8 things above most resonate with you! Which of the things do you already include in your system for success? Or which ones will you be implementing?

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