“I hate my job”.  “I need to start exercising and lose weight”. “I wish my partner would appreciate me more”. “I would love to (fill in the blank) if only….”   Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?  Have you thought these things or communicated them to someone?

Everyone at one time or another wants to make big changes in their life.  Why do so many of us stay in something that we know we’re not happy with?  Sometimes change is scary, even if we know it’s for the positive. Also, we might not have the confidence that the change would be for the better. Lastly, I believe that many of us don’t change a current situation of unhappiness because we feel stuck, a feeling of being frozen, not doing anything because we don’t know where to start or begin the process.

Here are some things that have helped me when I have made big changes in my life.

4 Smart Tips – To Help You Make Big Changes In Your Life

  1. Do Your Research – A few examples: If you’re looking to change careers, research the job market.  If you’re looking to lose weight, make sure you’re doing it safely. You get the idea 😉  Never, ever make a radical change in any area of your life without doing the appropriate research.
  2. Talk to Others – Okay, so you’ve done your research.  Now it’s important to talk to people that have gone through what you’re looking to do.  Everything is one way on paper, but when you put it into real life, sometimes it changes everything.  Reach out to people that have made the changes that you’re looking to do.  It will help you be better informed.
  3. Have a Detailed Plan of Action – You’ve decided you’re going for it.  Good for you.  Do you have a detailed plan of action in place?  With any big changes, make sure you plan it out in detail so no errors are made.
  4. Have a Contingency Plan –  So you’ve taken action and it didn’t quite work out as planned.  What to do?  Always, Always, Always, in all that you do, have a “Plan B” in place.  The “What If” plan.  It’s only smart to have a  back-up plan!

Time is of the essence in getting the life you want.  Life is short!  You must decide what you want and go for it!  Just do your research, have an action plan and have that contingency plan in place.  I am looking out for you and routing for you.  I say GO FOR IT!

What changes are you looking to do in your life?
~The SmartChic 😉

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