A few days ago, I reviewed my inbox for my personal Facebook page and received absolutely the most beautiful and touching note I have every received in my life.  It was from someone that I knew about 25 to 30 years ago. She wanted to let me know that she found out about my blog and wanted to tell me how inspirational she found it to be and wanted to thank me for how I treated her when we were growing up as kids.  Without getting into great detail of her note, she told me that she was having a hard time as a kid and that she wanted to thank me because I made her feel good about herself. I was practically in tears when I read her note, because I never realized that I had that kind of impact on someone.

Ever since I received that beautiful note, I have been thinking about relationships and the level of connection we have with people.  Are we good at telling people how we really feel about them? If they made a positive impact on you, do they know it?   Are there people in your life that you have lost touch with, and you hear yourself saying “I really need to get back connected” or “The next time I will say how I really feel”.  If I did not receive that note from that person, who knows if I would have ever known how she felt!  Ever!  And believe me it will stay with me forever.  Thank you!!  You know who you are =)

Let’s take action today and re-connect with the people we care about and let’s tell them how we feel.  I know I’ve got a few re-connections to do.

Action Items to Re-Connect with Important People In Your Life

  • Write down who you want to re-connect with and why.
  • In thinking of those people, what are you going to say to them about how they positively influenced your life?
  • How are you going to re-connect?  Phone call, email, personal letter?
  • Don’t delay!  Start Today! There is no better time than today to re-connect with those you care about.  I guarantee it will make you feel good and you may just make someones day like my childhood friend did.

Be well and have a wonderful day!  ~The SmartChic

“To the world you may be only one person, but to one person you may be the world.” -Anonymous

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