SmartChic Successful Women
  • You need motivation! You have big goals and dreams and are committed to making things happen but sometimes you are hard on yourself or need a kick start in the morning to get you moving in the right positive direction.

  • You need tools and resources! You want to learn and grow personally and professionally and would love to have much of this information in one trusted place.

  • You want access to a mentor for valuable information but don’t have a large budget. You need to be very ‘smart’ this year budget-wise, but still want to continuously learn and grow personally and professionally.

  • You want support and to be able to ask for advice with someone you respect and trust. You are seeking a place where you feel 100% supported with no judgment and be able to ask for advice in different areas of your life.

  • Quality Networking is important to you. You want to surround yourself with high quality women where you can support and inspire one another personally and professionally.

  • You want access to a community from the comforts of home. Due to your busy schedule, attending networking events is challenging for you. You would still like to be part of a network but would like the ease of accessing it online and doing it on your own time.

  • You know that now is the time to do something for yourself. You are ready to invest in your life to achieve more success and happiness.

Join the SmartChic Inner Circle and Receive:

  • Laser-Focused Group Mentoring Calls: Every month I do at least one video call or phone call for my Inner Circle SmartChics, where I answer YOUR hot topics/questions related to your professional and personal life. Need smart advice? These calls are FULL of great, priceless advice! Wait until you experience these calls! I guarantee a full-hour+ of super smart advice.

  • Laser Focused Group Chat Mentoring:  At least once per month, a super inspirational Chat Mentoring is available to you on the SmartChic Inner Circle Facebook Page! No need to dress-up and no makeup is required! It’s super convenient. Just jump on the computer and chat away with me and the other members and get inspiration, advice and mentoring! You will love all the support and advice you receive from the Chat Sessions! They are really popular!

  • Community and Support:  Be part of my private, Inner Circle SmartChic Facebook Group where you will receive inspiration and support from me as well as the other SmartChic Inner Circle Members. The best thing about this group is you can access this community 24 hours per day. Check in when you can and be inspired and supported every day. Interacting with my SmartChics is #1 to me. I am VERY active in the group! I am there for YOU!

  • Quality Networking:  Exclusive invites to private video hangouts where you will have the opportunity to meet and network with other Inner Circle Members.

  • Awesome Savings:  As an Inner Circle Member, you receive savings for my one-on-one mentoring, masterminds, workshops, retreats and other amazing events! It’s a huge benefit for being part of the Inner Circle!

  • Opportunities To Collaborate:  As an Inner Circle Member, there will be possible opportunities to collaborate with me!

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