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Laser Focused Tribe

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You need daily motivation! You have big goals and dreams and are committed to making things happen but sometimes you are hard on yourself or need a kick in the duff to get you moving in the right positive direction.

  • You need tools and strategies! You want to learn and grow personally and professionally and would love to have much of this information in one trusted place.

  • You want access to a mentor for valuable information but don’t have a large budget. You need to be very ‘smart’ this year budget-wise, but still want to continuously learn and grow personally and professionally.

  • You need support and want to be able to ask for advice with someone you respect and trust. You are seeking a place where you feel 100% supported with no judgment and be able to ask for advice in different areas of your life.

  • Quality Networking is important to you. You want to surround yourself with high quality people where you can support and inspire one another personally and professionally.

  • You want access to a community from the comforts of home. Due to your busy schedule, attending networking events is challenging for you. You would still like to be part of a network but would like the ease of accessing it online at home and doing it on your own time.

  • You know that now is the time to do something for yourself. You are ready to invest in your life to achieve more success and happiness.

You are going to love this!
Cynthia Bazin
I designed the Laser Focused Tribe for you!

Join the Laser Focused Tribe and Receive:

  • Laser Focused Group Mentoring Calls: Every month I do at two video calls or phone calls for my Tribe, where I answer YOUR questions related to your professional and personal life. Need smart advice? These calls are FULL of great, priceless advice! Wait until you experience these calls! I guarantee a full-hour+ of super smart advice.

  • Laser Focused Group Chat Mentoring:  At least once per month, a super inspirational Chat Mentoring is available to you on the Laser Focused Tribe Facebook Page! There is NO need to dress-up because all you do is type your questions in on the chat session! It’s super convenient. Just jump on the computer and chat away with me and the other members and get inspiration, advice and mentoring! You will love all the support and advice you receive from the Chat Sessions! They are really popular!

  • Community and Support:  Be part of my private, Laser Focused Tribe Facebook Group where you will receive inspiration and support from me as well as the other Laser Focused Members. The best thing about this group is you can access this community 24 hours per day. Check-in when you can and be inspired and supported every day. Interacting with my Tribe is #1 to me. I am VERY active in the group! I am there for YOU!

  • Quality Networking:  Exclusive invites to private video hangouts where you will have the opportunity to meet and network with other Laser Focused Tribe Members.

  • Awesome Savings:  As an Laser Focused Tribe Member, you receive savings for my one-on-one mentoring, masterminds, workshops, retreats and other amazing events! It’s a huge benefit for being part of the Tribe!

  • Opportunities To Collaborate:  As a Laser Focused Tribe Member, there will be possible opportunities to collaborate with me!

I Want This!

Client Testimonials

“Cynthia Bazin is without a doubt the epitome of her business name ‘SmartChic’. I have the great honor to be able to work with Cynthia as my mentor and have benefited professionally and more importantly personally. Because we need a strong foundation to excel in other areas of our life, she provides that, no fluff, real talk, get real, conversation. I have also had the pleasure of attending several conferences and events she was the Speaker and Emcee; she knocks it out of the park with her audience interaction, passion, and ability to make you want to be your best. You walk into the event, and the energy she brings is without a doubt electrifying due to her passion for helping others. Cynthia has so many qualities and areas of expertise she brings to the table; I have honestly never met anyone as genuine. Cynthia is of the highest integrity in all areas of her life and her business. She brings empathy, passion, and definite direction to assist you in obtaining your goals. She is the person that will make all audiences whether at an event or TV segments stop and realize she cares, listens, and then provides action steps. Laser Focused! Once you meet Cynthia Bazin, the one and only ‘SmartChic’, your life will be forever changed for the better.  I guarantee.”

       Lisa Bechtol 

“Cynthia is incredibly discerning, encouraging, and uplifting. She takes a genuine interest in the people she works with; taking the time to connect beyond mentoring sessions. I hired Cynthia to help me get my job applications laser focused, and soon after found myself attending four interviews over the course of two weeks and starting a new job.”

     David McCormack 

“Cynthia Bazin and I connected at a seminar in California several years ago and I am forever grateful. We became fast friends! And I have witnessed first hand her powerful Laser Focused Mentoring. She is passionate and dedicated in inspiring and guiding people on their life journey. And as a motivational speaker she is over the top awesome! Watching her in action either on stage or her spot on a local TV show is always educational, enlightening and motivational. I highly recommend Cynthia Bazin, SmartChic as a mentor or a speaker. I have benefited personally and professionally from her expertise and have watched others grow under her guidance. Just know that she is a ‘No Fluff’ mentor and will tell you like it is! So if you really truly desire getting laser focused she will set you straight!”

         Gail Foley 

“Cynthia is a bright light of enthusiasm, enlightenment and energy for anyone that seeks success in business and relationships. I feed off of her daily inspiration, uplifting quotes and overall interaction. A true leader for the future! I am proud to be connected and able to reach out whenever I need her services.”

      Charles Walker

“Cynthia Bazin is an incredible life coach, mentor, motivational speaker, and inspiration to everyone who hears her speak. She encourages people get laser focused on completing their goals, and is genuine and authentic with her clientele.”
       Cat Ello 
“I am so excited to be a part of Cynthia Bazin’s SmartChic Inner Circle!
I have met some wonderful ladies and been exposed to some excellent resources and have only been in the group a short time so far. Cynthia is simply amazing! She is extremely pumped up at being able to provide opportunities to women, and it totally shows in her ability to motivate those who are a part of the Circle.
I highly recommend that other women join the SmartChic Inner Circle so they can also enjoy the opportunity to meet and work with Cynthia.”
       Tracy Shroyer
“Cynthia Bazin is the real deal. She walks the talk of SmartChic consistently. Cynthia is positive, inspirational, motivational, encouraging, and laser-focused…and she’s always happy to share those qualities with her SmartChic tribe. After months of seeing nothing but consistency in all those qualities, I jumped at the chance to join the SmartChic Inner Circle the second it started, and I’m so glad i Did! I didn’t think it was possible for Cynthia to offer even more value than she already did, but she did–she has–she does. Out of any private group I’ve been in, Cynthia offers the most value of any BY FAR: daily inspirational and motivational emails and posts, videos and audios, mentoring calls, community support, AND guest experts. The SmartChic Inner Circle disproves the old maxim “you get what you pay for;” in this instance, you get what you pay for PLUS 1000% more!
       Christy Turner
“Cynthia is amazing – following her on social media or just reading her blog is guaranteed to make a positive difference in your day! I am fortunate, however, to have gotten to know her beyond online and she’s an incredible coach and mentor.
I recommend Cynthia as a coach and also as a speaker because she is a powerhouse on every level.”
       Tracy Cotton

$325 per year ($27 a month)? That’s affordable!

Why have I made this so affordable when others charge thousands of dollars for this type of network? I am super passionate about empowering people, so I made this super affordable because I believe EVERYONE should be able to be part of a network of high quality people that has REAL value!

When you break it all down, for EVERYTHING you are going to be getting (and it’s a TON of value), you will be spending $6.25 per week on yourself to grow personally and professionally.

Are you worth it?

Yes you are! You do so much for others that you deserve something just for you.  It is your time! So why wait? Don’t hesitate! Commit to doing something awesome for yourself right now! Starting today! I am telling you…. you will LOVE the Laser Focused Tribe and I can’t wait for you to be part of it all.

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Are you ready? I am SO ready to have you in the Laser Focused Tribe. Let’s Do This!

Let’s Do This!