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Video Testimonials

David McCormackCynthia is incredibly discerning, encouraging, and uplifting. She takes a genuine interest in the people she works with; taking the time to connect beyond mentoring sessions. I hired Cynthia to help me get my job applications laser focused, and soon after found myself attending four interviews over the course of two weeks and starting a new job.

David McCormack

marleece.fw“We had the privilege of having Cynthia Bazin be the emcee for our ‘Let Your Brilliance Shine’ Event. She was amazing! We only spoke over the phone 3x prior to the event and then the day of the event. I had never met Cynthia, but I was referred to her by a mutual acquaintance. She made my vision into a reality and helped make the event a success. Her high energy is contagious. She is truly a gifted speaker and motivator.”

Marleece Peart, CEO, Tranzformation Public Relations

jane2Cynthia Bazin is an inspiration! I’m not sure which title fits better dynamo, powerhouse, strategist, or supreme coach. She is all of those things.Cynthia expertly balances her roles as life coach, mentor, writer, trainer, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker. I was invited to join her group mentoring program, SmartChic Inner Circle, and have found it to be the best decision of my life. The pivotal point was when I heard Cynthia say the words “I believe in you”. It gave me incentive to take her advice and get laser focused on what I wanted for my life. I began to read her articles, and participate in online communities where she offered tips for staying clear on the goals I set. As soon as she announced the SmartChic Inner Circle I joined. I can count on a targeted email every day, frequent video mentoring sessions as a group, and one on one discussions.

Jane Anderson

janieDuring a very difficult time in my life I met Cynthia through Linked-In. Her story intrigued me. I messaged her and set up a meeting for the free consultation. Afterwards, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted her to continue mentoring me. She was willing to work with me and it was almost as if I had known her all my life. I was so thrilled to find a person who was actually real and brutally honest. She helped me move to a more positive place in my life and to look at the things that I was going through with my family and job situation in a new perspective in a no-nonsense manner. I love that she was truthful in what she saw in me and what I was going through. I would recommend her as a mentor and someone who has a no-nonsense manner about how to deal with life’s circumstances. Definitely not a waste of my money or time. She is awesome! My time and money was well spent!! Hugs and high-fives!! (as per Cynthia)

Janie Loyd, BSN, RN

tracy1I am so excited to be a part of Cynthia Bazin’s SmartChic Inner Circle! I have met some wonderful ladies and been exposed to some excellent resources and have only been in the group a short time so far. Cynthia is simply amazing! She is extremely pumped up at being able to provide opportunities to women, and it totally shows in her ability to motivate those who are a part of the Circle. I highly recommend that other women join the SmartChic Inner Circle so they can also enjoy the opportunity to meet and work with Cynthia.

Tracy Shroyer,

cottonCynthia is amazing – following her on social media or just reading her blog is guaranteed to make a positive difference in your day! I am fortunate however to have gotten to know her beyond online and she’s an incredible coach and mentor. I am now part of her Inner Circle which is an affordable way to get support and coaching along with networking and education – 365 days a year. I am very pleased with my membership and its helping me achieve goals I’ve fell short on previously. I recommend Cynthia as a coach and also as a speaker because she is a powerhouse on every level.

Tracy Cotton

gailWhat an absolute blessing to have met Cynthia Bazin – AWESOME beyond awesome. Her instincts for what works, her eye for seeing what doesn’t and her expertise on how to implement and take action, is off the charts. In just a few minutes of consult she revitalized my whole Podcast Show! Cynthia has become more than a mentor and coach to me, she is a cherished friend and now savvy business partner. If you have challenges, you really need to join us in the SmartChic Inner Circle that Cynthia has created to connect and mentor more this year. We have the same philosophy of ‘together we can do so much more’ and this new membership program is proving it. The fabulous women she has brought into this Inner Circle are an added bonus to knowing Cynthia. As members she connects us personally through her Google Hangouts that are fun, inspiring and energizing! Cynthia has no ‘off’ button because her mission and passion is to help your reach your greatest potential. Thank You, Cynthia, from the bottom of my heart! You are AWESOME!

Gail Foley, One Awesome Community

christyCynthia Bazin is the real deal: she walks the talk of SmartChic consistently. Cynthia is positive, inspirational, motivational, encouraging, and laser-focused…and she’s always happy to share those qualities with her SmartChic tribe. After months of seeing nothing but consistency in all those qualities, I jumped at the chance to join the SmartChic Inner Circle the second it started, and I’m so glad I did! I didn’t think it was possible for Cynthia to offer even more value than she already did, but she did–she has–she does. Out of any private group I’ve been in, Cynthia offers the most value of any BY FAR: daily inspirational and motivational emails and posts, videos and audios, Google Hangouts, mentoring calls, community support, AND guest experts. The SmartChic Inner Circle disproves the old maxim “you get what you pay for;” in this instance, you get what you pay for PLUS 1000% more!

Christy Turner

kristenAfter finding such inspiration in Cynthia’s LinkedIn posts, I met her in person to put together a group event for my clients. I wanted to provide encouragement and focused motivation to start the year off in a positive direction. Cynthia came through with flying colors! Her lecture was fun, interactive and very relevant to the lives of women. She gave specific ideas for being laser-focused on ways to step into our greatness. Everyone loved it! It was a great way to continue building my business relationships, while bringing real value to the lives of those who attended.

Kristen Weckworth, Realtor at RE/MAX Gold El Dorado Hills

LindaCynthia is an extremely motivational person. Her passion truly is to help others and see them thrive. Her expertise in business entrepreneurship is invaluable. She provides skills and ideas that will help your business grow, make you feel confident about yourself and live a life that is true to yourself. Cynthia is a rising star that shines her light on others and helps make them shine too!

Linda Mastroianni, Founder of Speaking Autism

dasyaCynthia is not only a passionate coach/mentor, she also has a true emotional and intellectual connection with her clients and friends. I have had the honor and privilege of working with Cynthia as both a colleague and a client. Her commitment and integrity are unmatched. Her enthusiasm is inspiring. I look forward to the work she and I will be doing together over the upcoming months, and I highly recommend anyone who is exploring a new path or looking to take themselves to the next level on their current path to reach out to Cynthia and work with her towards breaking through barriers and exploring uncharted territory.

Dasya Duckworth, HR Manager

Franca Adamus If you really want to reach all of your big goals and would like someone on your side who inspires you, motivates you and holds you accountable then you need to connect with Cynthia Bazin! Thanks to Cynthia’s skills, professionalism, commitment and positive attitude I have a solid action plan in place which really keeps me focused and moving forward in a steady pace on accomplishing all of my goals. Connect with her today because with Cynthia on your side the sky is the limit!

Franca Adamus, Freelance Project Manager Advertising & Communications

michelleWorking with Cynthia from SmartChic has been such a wonderful experience! Her passion for her work shows in the care she takes in tailoring her programs to each clients needs. Whether she is helping you map out goals and holding you accountable for taking action, or inspiring you to go for your dreams, Cynthia is a consummate professional! I would highly recommend SmartChic for anyone who is ready to take their career, and their life, to the next level!

Michelle Krieger

Kaye FainCynthia is Awesome! On short notice, Cynthia was asked to speak to a group of at-risk adolescents at a recent Career Day. We are grateful for how generous she was with her time and hope that she will agree to come speak to our teens again in the future!

Kaye Fain, Director of Marketing

Cynthia Bazin is absolutely AMAZING!! I hosted an event called “Beautiful Me” I started this event to help empower our youth. In our search for motivational speakers, we found Cynthia! She flew into New York and she spoke with all of the girls in a warm, inviting way. Without ever meeting Cynthia, we ALL felt as if we had known her for years. Her encouraging words, uplifting stories and her incredible energy was UNBELIEVABLE!! Cynthia made a difference that day in those girls lives and touched all that were present. We love you Cynthia! Thank you for being such an incredible, strong, independent woman who take on the challenges of getting into people’s minds and making ALL the difference in the world. We all need a Cynthia in our lives.”

Karin Hlywiak – Beautiful Me Organization