As I always say, life is definitely a ride; sometimes a roller coaster ride! We must hold on tight, cherish the positive things that happen and when challenges come our way, know that they will not last.

Even though we know that challenges will not last, we must take control of our daily life to keep as much positivity in it! Know that the smallest, positive changes can shift your life forever. Little things that you commit to doing each day add up and then you are living your best life. Here are 10 laser focused ideas you can do to positively shift your life today.

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10 Small Things You Can Do To Positively Shift Your Life Today

  1. Exercise – Even if it’s small bursts of exercise, it can make all the difference in the world. Find something that you love to do and makes you feel good and commit to incorporating it into your daily life, even if it’s 10 minutes at a time.
  2. Meditate – Find that ‘quiet’ time in your day. It can be first thing early in the morning like I do before anyone Decisions - Small Decisions add upelse gets up. Meditation doesn’t need to be long or formal. Do it in a way that works for you.
  3. Journal – If you enjoy to write/journal, be sure to find some time in the day just for you. Write out your thoughts, dreams and plans.
  4. Read an Inspirational Article – Keep your favorite magazines nearby and be sure to get your daily dose of inspiration by reading an article or two.
  5. Pay It Forward to Someone – Sometimes the best way to lift yourself up is lifting someone else up.  How about setting a goal to positively pay it forward to at least 2 people a day?
  6. Listen to an Inspirational Audio or Livestream – I absolutely love listening to inspirational audios and live streams (Periscopes). If you enjoy this as well, give yourself some time to get inspired by someone else.
  7. Read a Chapter of a Book – Keep your favorite book close by to you and sneak in a chapter or two during the free time you are going to make for you.
  8. DeClutter One Area a Day – An uncluttered space is a positive space. Take time to declutter a space!
  9. Sketch, Draw or Color – Why not keep a sketchpad nearby to you if you love to draw? Also, the adult coloring books are so popular now and so many people love doing them to de-stress and keep a positive attitude.
  10. Get Into Nature – Take a few minutes even if the weather is not the greatest and get into nature. Take a brisk walk outside. It is definitely good for the soul!

The key is to find something that you really will enjoy doing that will positively shift your life. Decide what little or big decision, what ‘shift’ you need to make, that you will commit to starting today. You can positively shift your life as soon as you put your mind to it. Make your life urgent. Happiness. You deserve it!

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I would love to hear which of the 10 ideas most resonated with you. Do you already do some of them or are there one or more you will start doing? What other ideas can you add to the list? I would love to hear from you!

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