We all want great success in life and in order to have it, we must give laser focus to our plans and commitments in order to achieve it! We absolutely have to be focused because otherwise, the following is likely to occur:

  • We can waste a lot of time on activities that are not aligned with our long-term plans and goals.
  • We may lose momentum due to not being strategic on how we need to move forward.
  • Lots of distractions will come our way that can throw us off course to what we really should be doing.
  • Our energy will be depleted with too many activities instead of using it towards what we should be doing.
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So we know we need to be laser focused. Now it is having these 4 parts in order for us to have a much higher chance of achieving our goals and commitments!

4 Things Needed For Your Laser Focused Plan to Achieve Success

  1. Have an Achievement Date / Deadline – Part of having a laser focused plan is to set an achievement date. Some It was character that got us out of bed. Zig Ziglarlike to call it a deadline. In order to positively push yourself to get things done, it’s really important to have that date where you need to get it done. Give yourself enough time to get the goal completed without having overwhelm but don’t set the date out too far. Again you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone to get it done.
  2. Strategic Plan with Detailed Steps – Part of a laser focused plan is to have it written down somewhere either in a notebook, on a white board or on the computer. Be sure to write out the specific steps that you need to take in order to get it done. Large goals can get overwhelming, so break things down in chunks so that you can take on smaller tasks.
  3. Accountability Built In – One of the main reasons people give up on their goals is that they don’t have that accountability piece put in there. Are you able to hold yourself accountable to get things done on your own? If so, that is great. If you have a difficult time with that, get an awesome accountability partner, coach or mentor to assist you with this.
  4. Positive, Healthy Rewards – Our goals and commitments are going to sometimes take a while to achieve. Life is definitely a journey and we should enjoy things along the way. As you reach different steps leading up to your large goal, reward yourself in a healthy way. This will help you keep motivated, to keep pushing; to keep going for it.
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You can achieve what you put your mind to, but having a laser focused, strategic plan is the way to get it done. And the 4 things I detail out above will definitely help you push forward toward success. Which of the 4 parts of the laser focused plan do you most resonate with? What do you need to do more of as you go towards your goals? Are there things you would add? I would love to hear from you! You know… it is YOUR TIME!

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